How to choose kitchen hinge?

2019-09-06 09:40:11

Cupboard Hinge Selection Tips: According to the structure and installation method of the door, the door should be opened according to the position of the side of the door and the side panel, and there are three installation modes: full-cover door, half-cover door and embedded door. Full-cover doors basically cover the side panels; half-cover doors cover half of the side panels. Special kitchen door self-closing hinges are suitable for cabinets with partitions in the middle, requiring more than three doors to be installed; embedded doors are installed in both side panels.

The installation of the open door requires that the door can rotate freely at 90 degrees without affecting the pull-out of drawers and other things in the cabinet. Opening doors are usually connected by cup-shaped dark hinges. The cup-shaped dark hinge has the advantages of fast and convenient installation, easy disassembly and adjustment, and good concealment. The advantages of the installation method are also reflected in the aspects of gas storage and transportation: the well drilled door can be stacked flat for storage and transportation, and the hinge can be conveniently installed on site.

When installing, the installation sequence of hinges on a door is in principle completed by the cross sequence from top to bottom, and the top hinges bear all the weight of the door. The disassembly process, on the contrary, proceeds from the bottom to the top. Dark money chain has straight arm, small crank arm and large crank arm dumpling chain according to the degree of flexure of hinged arm. It is suitable for three different installation modes of full-cover door, half-cover door and embedded door, respectively.