Why do cabinet hinges rust? How to avoid it?

2019-09-06 09:40:50

Cabinet hinges must be able to adapt to the humidity of the kitchen, fumes and many other factors, its quality is essential to the normal use of cabinets and life. Why do cabinet hinges rust? How to avoid it?


A client once asked me with a hinge: "Look at the cabinet hinge, as long as the kitchen door self-closing hinge is scraped with a sharp tool, you can see a deep copper bottom. But why is it that most of the cabinet hinge rusts in less than a month?" I used to use some nickel-plated cabinet hinges for years, but it's okay. Why can't the copper-plated cabinet hinges compare with them now?

On this issue, it can be said that the main reason is that market economy leads to a full market competition, resulting in many manufacturers to use sub-optimal materials, in order to achieve cost reduction, and ultimately damage the interests of consumers.

It is understood that some electroplating factories themselves have to reuse the cleaned water repeatedly, which can not be cleaned at all. Therefore, all copper and nickel are scrapped. Rust is not caused by the lack of thickness of copper and nickel and the lack of plating time, but by the failure of complete treatment. Rust comes from the inside. This can be said to be a fundamental problem.

The former manufacturers of cabinet hinges, because of their little profit in competition, hardly need to save costs, as long as the product quality is good, at the same time, the water resources at that time were not so seriously polluted, plus the task of the electroplating plant is not now heavy, environmental protection is not now strict, (these will increase the plating). Cost, reduce the profit of the electroplating plant), many are virtuous circles, copper and nickel are hand-held materials, and now a lot of miscellaneous materials are far from, so the previous hinges have not rusted for more than a decade.

Of course, this can not say that the present cabinet hinge rust prevention is much worse than before, but the number of manufacturers producing low-quality cabinet hinge increased, and consumers mostly pursue parity regardless of the quality of the majority, resulting in the present cabinet hinge integrity crisis. Many people do not know what cabinet hinge is a good hinge.

In addition, in addition to the reasons of the cabinet hinge manufacturers, another reason for rust is the user's inattention. According to an old expert who has been working on the cabinet for more than 20 years, the cabinet hinge is sometimes not the cause of the cabinet hinge itself, which results in rust. The storage of cabinet hinge is a key point. Now the cabinet manufacturers do not. Are they made of synthetic stone panels? If the cabinet hinges are not sealed properly when processing these synthetic stone panels, the chemical composition of these synthetic stones is better than that of Tiannaoshui and other chemicals. In two days, the hinges will all rust.

To sum up, if you want the cabinet hinges not to rust, only

1. Choose better quality hinge products.

2. First use salt spray tester to test or unconditionally use brine to test the anti-rust performance.

3. Pay attention to the storage and use environment of hinges!